Ashlee Brookens is a TV/film editor and composer.

In LA, Ashlee is now editing spots and tune-ins for El Rey Network. Recently, she finished editing a new action/comedy feature, Boone The Bounty Hunter (coming soon). She edited on Girlfriend Intervention, a comedic reality show for Lifetime, and a doc feature called Caroline’s Poster about healing from the effects of war. (Ashlee was also the videographer, filming the doc in 14 countries and 19 states over the past few years.) Before that she worked as the Lead 3D Editor at 3dh Entertainment, a production studio in Orlando, creating 3D animation and live action content for a children’s series in 2007-2009. While there she also co-directed and edited a 3D short starring Howie Mandel that was screened in RealD at Paramount for their 60th birthday gala for Israel. Ashlee has a BFA in film from the University of Central Florida. Along the way, Ashlee has continued with editing TV, shorts, and features. She has scored several short films and has had her music included in the soundtrack of the film First World Problems. As a singer/songwriter and producer of music, Ashlee brings her attention to sound during the editing process and combines both audio and visuals together in everything she does.

^ With David Frangioni and my dad, Roger Nichols, at Ocean Way Nashville in 2009.

<–With film director, Matt Brookens, premiering our short film “Death by a Thousand Pups”

^ One of my favorite memories… My dad, Roger Nichols, recording engineer/producer 1944-2011, is one of my biggest inspirations. Along with my mom, Conrad Reeder, singer/songwriter/author. Here he is winning his lifetime achievement award from The Recording Academy in 2006.

[Pictured left to right: Ashlee (Nichols) Brookens, Conrad Reeder (Connie Reeder Nichols), Roger Nichols, and my sister Cimcie Nichols who is obviously the actress of the bunch!

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