music video

Role: Editor

Dir. Jamie Hanson

feature trailer

Role: Editor

Happy to announce this film is now an Official Selection at Peace On Earth Film Festival 2015.

Comedy Bang Bang – Alamo Drafthouse PSA

Role: Editor

Edited this fun PSA that tells you not to talk or text or do weird things with your neighbor in the Alamo Drafthouse.

2014 Editing Reel

Role: Editor

My editing reel. Thanks for watching!

Dr. Andrew Weil’s True Food Kitchen

Role:  Editor / Producer

Dr. Andrew Weil and Fox Restaurant Concepts commissioned me to produce and edit a pilot (sizzle reel shown here) for Food Network, highlighting the personalities and backstory of their restaurant True Food Kitchen. (7 locations currently) (Co-Producers: David Fox, Carol L. Clark, Matt Brookens)

Death by a Thousand Pups

Role:  Editor / Producer / Composer

2013 comedy horror short film. Dir. Matt Brookens. Official Selection at Shockfest Film Festival 2014.

Food For People –

Role:  Editor

I am currently editing documentary shorts for The Prem Rawat Foundation and their program Food For People that feeds and empowers local people in India, Nepal and Ghana.

First World Problems

Role:  Editor / Composer

2012 comedy horror feature. Dir. Spain Willingham. Winner at Atlanta Horror Film Festival. Official Selection at Another Hole in the Head Film Festival.

Signal Vex Music Video

Role:  Editor / Director / Composer

Signal Vex – We Want The World
Decided on experimenting with some glitch style art. It is from footage I shot in Florida, Los Angeles, Maui and… my webcam.

3dh Entertainment

Role:  3D Editor / VFX Title Design

I was the Lead 3D Editor of 3dh Entertainment almost 2 years (2007-2009). While there, I was responsible for all live action, animation, and stereoscopic 3D editing for an original 3D children’s show called “Amazing 3D Adventures.” The company possessed proprietary 3D technology that made viewing 3D with glasses easier on the eyes. We made 7 original 3D shorts and 13 animatics including a 3D intro to Paramount’s Israel Gala and the 2009 Movie Guide Awards Show.

Nine Inch Nails – 9 Ghosts I

Role:  Editor / Director

A more environmental/documentary take on 9 Ghosts. Edited 30 minutes of footage I shot in my backyard.


Role:  Editor / Director

This is my UCF junior year short film. A gamer addicted to a lame slug game gets dumped by his girlfriend. This in turn inspires him to change his ways and he finds a magic drink called “Life.” He runs out of the drink and searches for more. This leads him to his destiny which includes a cracked out fairy…

Hollywood Zombie Walk

Role:  Editor / Director

My sentimental interpretation of the “eye-opening” time that was the Zombie Walk of Hollywood.

Cimcie Goes To Hollywood (2003)

Role:  Editor / Director

In the summer of 2003, when I was 17, my mom and I helped my sister move to Hollywood. I decided to make a movie about it with our digital Hi-8 camera and this is what came out. My dad, Roger Nichols, helped me with the cool shots, map animation, and general production level of the short. Thanks Dad! This was my second time directing a short, but I had been editing for a year prior to this, with my first job as a video editor at the age of 16.

The film is made in the editing room. The shooting of the film is about shopping, almost. It’s like going to get all the ingredients together… And then you take those ingredients and you can make a good cake – or not.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

I usually think of editing like cooking. Prepping, chopping, flavoring, and baking (or exporting)… These are a sampling of some “cakes” I have made. Thanks for watching!

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